AnthologyNext year of the international poetic festival took place from 8th to 11th October 2009 and this time it was carried out in spirit of Polish poet and playwright Juliusz Słowacki. President of Polish Writers Union Marek Wawrzkiewicz opened the festival in the House of Literature in the Krakow suburbs. Except the national poets he also introduced the foreign guests from Mongolia (Barkhas Dorj), Germany (Karl Grenzler), Russia (Igor Bielov, Dmitrij Birman, Olesia Kornienko), Belarus (Uladzimir Niaklajeu), Estonia (Aarne Puu), Czech Republic (Vladimír Křivánek) and Slovakia (Radovan Brenkus). Publication of the anthology is a tradition of this festival. In this year, the poems of participated authors appeared in the Polish anthology called In our place, there is the column with the statue. Its presentation was a part of several various events.

Warsaw Autumn of Poetry had a wide program. Concert of violin trio was accompanied by recitation of such actors like Anna Chodakowska and Andrzej Ferenc. The participants presented themselves during the Night of Poets, some foreign guests on the Gala Evening of Slavonic Literature. Students from the University of Dramatic Arts performed own poetic program on the stage. Authorial discussions took place in local libraries and schools. In his house near Warsaw, famous theatre and film actor Wojciech Siemion regularly organizes the poetic salons the aim of which are not only the recitations but also the live discussions about poetry. In one such evening, he also catered the participants of Warsaw Autumn of Poetry.